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10.19.07 03:00 AM

Forget the iPhone or GPhone, Get a B'Phone

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I am so playing with that title. Of course I'd want an iPhone or the oft-anticipated GPhone (advertiser supported Google Phone possibly created by HTC rumored to be out by Christmas). But for all of you who can't get enough of B, her B'Day and her Diamonds, you can now have her phone. I think she may have more brand extensions than her man Jay-Z at this point.

I must have been sleeping at the keyboard on this one, because I totally missed it last week. But lots of other folks have reported on it already and have even posted oodles of photos of her unveiling the Samsung produced phone.

Here's what's being said:

LAPTOP Magazine:

"The original Samsung Upstage was innovative but ultimately fell a little flat in the ease-of-use department. But at least it now has a little more zazz, thanks to Beyonce. Samsung today announced the upcoming availability of the Beyonce Special Edition B'Phone, a limited edition handset exclusive to Sprint. As an update to the UpStage, the B'Phone sports a unique burgundy-and-gold color scheme and some other fun extras for fans of the Grammy Award-winning artist."


"Apparently not content to merely hire Beyonce to push the plain ol' UpStage, Sprint and Samsung have collaborated with the entertainment mogul to release the B'Phone, a dolled up version of the two-sided handset. Lucky buyers will be the recipients of a burgundy UpStage trimmed with gold accents -- we'll let you be the judge whether that's hotter than the all-black original -- along with exclusive Beyonce-themed content (naturally) and a rather fancy set of packaging materials. Aspiring Beyonces of tomorrow should be able to pick it up November 4 online and in Wal-Marts (yes, Wal-Marts) across the land."


"Need a burgundy and gold Samsung Upstage to match your lovingly dyed landing strip? You’d better get down to Sprint on November 4 because they’re launching a special edition Beyonce Upstage with a sexy start-up screen, exclusive pix and vidz, and a song sung by the ‘yonce when she was 10."


"When the phone boots, a special Beyonce-styled start-up screen will display. We're not sure if this is a picture of Beyonce herself, or some screen that Beyonce has chosen. Also, there are special pictures of Beyonce. Then, you get a song that Beyonce recorded when she was 10 years old. Seriously, 10 years old. Oh, and the phone says "Beyonce" across the top, in case you missed it. "


"What's unique about this phone is the fact that it includes a digital power amp, making the sound quality quite impressive for such a small phone. Other great features include a quick PC sync to easily create playlists, a 1.3-megapixel camera and bluetooth technology."

A question though: Will dressing up this phone with Beyonce content make it a better phone? Anyone whoever reviewed the model prior to the makeover all said it sucked. What are the odds of Beyonce fans purchasing this phone? Is her brand that ubiquitous?

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