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03.24.04 02:33 PM

feminism and hip-hop

i'm so happy to see this discussion emerging. there are so many hip-hop blogs, but everyone is questioning where is the feminist voice in hip-hop blogs and hip-hop in general. i'm happy to see posts like this one @ feministe called sexism and hip-hop, and this one at negroplease called Bitches Ain't Shit but Hoes and Tricks: Sexism, Feminism and Denial in hip hop, and this other one @ dieselnation called hip-hop hates women. it appears that with this post black females are valued by no one, i was in the middle of a meme and didn't even know it.

it's so good to see these kinds of conversations taking place. and i'm glad i'm a part of it. the sad thing is that this so-called feminist voice in hip-hop is out there, but no one is listening to me/her half the time, 'cuz half the time she's very much conflicted. in a couple of weeks, i'll be attending the emp pop conference and i'm so looking forward to this panel..."Female Hip-Hop Writers Summit: A roundtable discussion on the early days and current realities of women covering hip-hop. (Joan Morgan, dream hampton, Sheena Lester, Raquel Cepeda, Elizabeth Mendez Berry & Karen Good, “Female Hip-Hop Critics Summit”)

the voices are there. again i ask, who's listening. of course i plan to report on that event, and i still plan on commenting on all those blogs where this conversation is blowing up.

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