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02.08.08 11:20 AM Is Now (More) Social

fastcompany_com_logo.gif I feel like I just had a baby. We've been conceptualizing and user testing, and designing, and developing this Drupal project for nearly a year now, and I'm just finally glad it's here. But remember we're an agile company, so this will always be in development.

Here's a little of what my boss, Edward Sussman, president of the Mansueto Digital network of sites, which includes,,, and starting in March, FastCompany.TV and, had to say about the release:

The Media is Social By: Edward Sussman

Fast Company is about to shake things up again.

Back in 1995, in our first issue, we announced on our cover: "Computing is Social." It became a Fast Company mantra and helped open the eyes of a generation of entrepreneurs to the possibilities of the Internet.

In November of 1997, before social networking on the Web was called social networking, started the "Company of Friends," dubbed the "Fast Company Readers' Network."

The network featured members' professional profiles, online business discussions that were moderated by volunteer group coordinators, and in-person monthly meet-ups of more than 200 regional groups around the world. (Sound familiar? was founded five years later in 2002 and LinkedIn followed in 2003.)

As progressive as Fast Company was, serving our online community of about 100,000 members was a secondary mission to creating great editorial content.

But no more.

Starting today, we become the first major media website to tackle the following problem: Can a business publication blend journalism and online community to create something better than either by itself? (read more)

* Not to be mistaken, we've always had community at FC. In fact, the Company of Friends, the Fast Company reader's network dates back to 1997. What we've done now is basically more elegantly merged the content with the community. Let us know what you think. It's actually a public beta right now, because we know there's still work to do. So I'm definitely looking for feedback.

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