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09.20.06 02:18 AM

Diversity in the blogosphere

Simon Owens of bloggasm recently took a stab at mapping the diversity of the blogosphere. His study in his own words by no means was scientific nor as large a sample as he'd like to fully represent these findings, but still his findings from polling 1,000 bloggers had some interesting results.

Overall, bloggers tend to be white and male. His study pretty much matches the general consensus on that one. As well, white males comprise the majority of tech, gadget, and political blogs.

Feminist and Sex blogs are primarily written about by women. This one definitely makes sense. There are few men who call themselves feminist, and it's pretty much norm that men aren't as open about talking about sex as women are.

The largest percentages of black/african (as termed by his study) bloggers primarily blog about gossip, fashion, and music.

To see the study visit Simon Owens' Mapping the Diversity of the Blogosphere: A Bloggasm Case Study.

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