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03.17.05 11:10 AM

blog walking 3.17.2005

this is the hip-hop edition...

Hashim discovers that Shia LaBeouf is a big hip-hop fan

Jeff Chang lays out the solesides-quannum story

jay ponders the death of hip-hop

sasha announces that the justo mixtape awards report is actually done

ian runs down the latest hot ish

uhmah park brilliantly untilizes Mase's lyrics: "Mase Can You Please Stop Smokin La La
Puff why try...I'm a thug, I'm a die high" to discuss why he likes to get blowed

sounds like exo wants cats to stop randomly linking to his posts, or something to that effect (ok, yeah, so why am i doing it? maybe i want to pull on his hair "just a lil bit")

government names links Juvenile f/ Wacko - "Sets Go Up," Joe Budden - "I'ma Hustler" freesyle, and Mullyman f/ Freeway and Black Lo - "From The Heart."

julianne is digging pitbull's freestyles

will wants you to peep his new style (he drinks evian) but i think the point is that he's got a review of Tanya Morgan: "Stay Tuned" on pitchfork media

todd kelly points us to a free dj low key mixtape

honey put up the bobby valentino - "Slow Down" and fat joe - "So Much More" videos

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