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04.09.08 11:17 AM

An Early Peek at RushmoreDrive

rushmore_drive.gif probably won't officially launch until later tonight at its party at the IAC building. But I was able to get in through the back door to bring you this screen shot of its home page. I'd offer up more screenshots and my opinion of the site, but let's just wait until it officially launches.

If you remember, I first reported IAC Announces Online Initiative for the Black Community back in April 2007. They originally expected to launch by January 2008, but here we are a full year from the announcement with a full fledged site that they plan to replicate in other demographics.

What I have noticed that's cool about the site is the search engine functionality. Based on Ask's engine, the site's search is weighted more heavily to finding content that's focused on black news and specific black resources. They also have partnerships with various job networks.

Here's why they want you to join:

  • Search and FIND any and everything you want on the worldwide web by using the first-of-its-kind search engine built especially for OUR community.
  • Get top national and international news as soon as it breaks PLUS have your voice heard about topics that specifically matter to OUR community.
  • Find out which employers want to hire people like YOU!
  • Meet people like YOU -- people who share the same faith, same fraternity or sorority, and who belong to some of the same professional groups that you do.
  • Enter to win RushmoreDrive's contests and sweepstakes -- and our prizes will be BIG!
  • The biggest benefit of all is that you'll help RushmoreDrive improve OUR community because the more WE use it, the BETTER it gets.

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