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05.06.10 10:46 AM

Altimeter's Social Marketing Analytics Is A Winner

Lately, I've been collecting a lot of reports on social media metrics and analytics, and looking at various models because of a project I'm working on at the Advertising Research Foundation. Some of these reports are really clear and simple. Some of them simply take a look at Web analytics and just add a layer of social on top of them. But measuring social is so much more than that, because it's different. It's even more than simply looking at some Dunbar number or Six Degrees or even Six Pixels of separation, and moving from there.

One model I've been advocating for a while, is what Razorfish released in its Fluent study, where they talk about Social Influence Marketing and created a SIM score based on the Net Promoter Score. I'm an advocate of this, because I know that even Razorfish realizes that things happen in real-time and they're going back to the board to release an updated version soon. But I'm also an advocate because it shows the real value of social.

Recently, I've heard about a new model, that I can definitely co-sign. The folks at Altimeter have been putting in a lot of work at developing frameworks for various activities in social, including analytics and Social CRM. What I'm sharing here is the work they've done with Web Analytics Demystified to develop a deeper and richer way of looking at key performance indicators, such as:

Share of Voice
Audience Engagement
Conversation Reach
Active Advocates
Advocates Influence
Advocacy Impact
Issue Resolution Rate
Customer Satisfaction
Topic Trends
And Overall Idea Impact

It's a hell of a framework here (embedded below). It's one I'll definitely be sharing with my colleagues.

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