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07.25.07 06:04 PM

Your Own Text Messaging Program

You're probably thinking that I have far too much time on my hands. First I'm making Blidgets for my Blog -- and well now I'm starting my own mobile texting program. I signed up with TextMarks to create my own keyword so that people can subscribe to my mobile alerts. Kinda' hot huh? I know.

Just a year ago, to enter the texting game meant dishing out $1000/month for your own short code. That's the number that you have a subscriber send a keyword to. With TextMarks, at least for now, there is no fee. So I've been able to test out my own text messaging program. Would be a nice means of keeping mobile users abreast of your blog updates and other haps. (I know that's what I have Twitter for. But how could I write about this shit if I didn't at least try it.)

Use the Widget below to subscribe to my text alerts. If you're interested in a Widget of my blog, that can be used on other sites, or in iGoogle or MyYahoo, check out my Widgetbox Blidget.

Both of these programs could be successful for one off marketing programs. I could see the viral effectiveness of it all right now.

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