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03.16.06 07:11 PM

xxl mag's foray on to the web

No, I'm not already slow on this. It's just that I thought it best that I not discuss it. And I won't, because others have done it well.

And of course I still have no comment on the move, but only find it interesting to mention b/c when I saw that a magazine like Jane was watching what was happening on the hip-hop Internets, I was a little taken aback.

Yet Another Reason to Graft Your Retinas to the Yr Computer Screen, doth quoteth: "Because The Internet is Where the Vanguard Go, another of your favorite magazines has made the long haul to weblife: XXL, the hip-hop Dianetics, launched a handful of blogs here with columnists like mixtape superstar DJ Drama, legendary scribe kris ex, and Byron Crawford, "your favorite rapper's least favorite blogger." " (readeth more)

Of course I felt less curious once I saw the signature line readeth Julianne. It's got to be that cowboyz 'n' poodles chick I've come to knoweth.

Well alright then, whatever they sayeth above. I still have no comment. So everyone who IMs me or emails me to find out what I think about the potential jack - please, stopeth now.

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