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04.23.02 10:37 PM

Womb Worship

Before I get into the sermon for today, I'd like to give a shout out to Zakia of Coloredgirls for her piece Death of a Book Club in Africana today. She is definitely a writer on the come up. I remember when I was at Blackplanet, she was one of the best book reviewers we had.

Red Clay pic Finally got my The Red Clay Arts In Studio Series catalog. And my piece on The Revival: Church of the Living Womb, as performed by Tish Benson and Liza Jesse Peterson, is even better than I remembered. There are also pieces by Kevin Sipp, Umi Vaughan, Charles Nelson, and Kiini Ibura Salaam. My only regret is that b/c I taught classes on Thursday nights, I didn't really get to see the whole series. Anyway, here's what I wrote:

Life in its complete state is a balanced sphere—male and female, negative and positive, upper world and lower. World cultures offer a proliferation of hieroglyphs representing life: 360 degrees, yin/yang, ring shout, cipha' Bakongo cosmogram, veve, ankh, earth, star gate. Ultimately, the world's symbols of life are representations of the original sacred sphere—the womb.

Remember that first intergalactic travel? Each of us got coded with DNA and fortified with amniotic fluid while reclining in the womb/tomb waiting to resurrect. Our journey to life brings all of us through the portal where spirit and soul meshes with bone and flesh. Immersed in the universal womb waters, we are baptized. It's time to take it back. Back to the womb, where it all began.

Let's take it back to the lake with folks getting drenched in the electrifyin' new spirit. The moon is high in th enight sky. The revival tent has been pitched and it's time to testify. We talking revival, revolution, and rebirth. That Black Church thang, where newborn souls get saved and sanctified. That place where folks get to whoopin', hollerin', and moanin'.

But this here is the Church of the Living Womb. It is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius—Aquarius, the servant of humanity is prophesized to pour out the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world. During the Age of Aquarius, women—carrying life-sustaining waters in their bellies—will bring the word. Yes, the sermon has got to come from the women. And the vibrational waves which ripple from their lips will birth a new energy to heal and protect the world.

The new millennium calls fro a feminist, womanist, sister souljah-type ministry because right now, the world is in upheaval. We are rooted in strife, and the dastardly isms—sexism, racism, ageism— continue to plague our existence. African Diasporic women are suffering from uterine tumors and cancers at alarming rates. There's an imbalance going on y'all.

Nature-womb-mother has protected us, but we ignore and disrespect her. Interestingly, in the days when Africans were enslaved, there was an egalitarian division of labor; men and women were equal in the fields. As it was during the time of Kemet, women played a significant role within society. During the slavery era, women were the primary workers in medicine and ritual, just as the supernatural powers of dieties like Isis, Maat, and Hathor brought balance and creativity to ancient Kemetic culture.

Up in the church of the living womb, they be all about perserving the legacy of the womb. Just as the ancients worshipped the matriarchal line of sovereignty, the sister preachers of the Church of the Living Womb—Sistah Pastor Preacher Prayer Tish Benson and Sistah Pastor Merlina Liza Jessie Peterson—demystify and decode feminine principles and energies. We need to heed the sister preachers' words and treat the womb, and all her manifestations right, to bring back the balance.

In Christian terms, the head of the Church was Jesus. In essence, the Church was Jesus' wife, another aspect of the womb—the living church. The anointed body, which is the congregation, abided by the laws and covenants of the church. Similarly we must adhere to the laws of nature, for she be mother and daughter to us all. The womb is the gate to our salvation, for without her, where would we be?

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