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07.27.05 05:13 PM

with friends like these...

living in new york has its advantages

you meet a lot of really interesting people, and every now and then you get to hang out with a few

attending the vip party for ski trip the movie, brought me into contact with oodles of folks I hadn't seen in a minute - I won't name all the names, b/c that's not the point of this post, but it was good to catch up with a lot of folks and I had such a good time that

unfortunately, i missed the b-day bbq that john invited me to, which i'm sure would have been a blast - i have never met such a thug and geek all rolled into one in my life b4 as he - but i love him still

going to have to catch him on the rebound on that one - perhaps with a little bit of banana rum we can make amends

i wasn't even going to post about missing john's joint or the ski trip adventure, but seeing adario strange's photo in a new york post article about his directing the documentary the nyu suicides got me reminiscing about days of yore

u know those days of the great black technogeeks, technophreaks, and technoevangelists?

the john lees, omar wasows, art mcgees, adario stranges, paul d millers (aka dj spookys), et. al

i know the list goes on
and i know they are still out there doing many other things

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