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06.06.06 07:03 PM

will it go round in circles

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RIP billy preston.

once a young keyboard prodigy, preston, also known as a "fifth beatle" (he played on "Let It Be," The White Album and "Abbey Road" ) and who also played with the rolling stones is dead at 59. preston had been in a coma sincel last novemeber. the musician is best known for his songs "Outa Space," "Will It Go Round in Circles" and "Nothing From Nothing."

i remember my father playing "nothing from nothing" and my thinking the song made no sense. you know how kids take things very literally? if nothing comes from nothing, then why sing about it? yet, even then, i ran around singing it. and of course it makes sense.

but "will it go round in circles," never made sense for me, especially because i always sang "willy go round in circles, willy go round in circles." to this day i don't actually understand what this song is about, but still, like a nursery rhyme, it stays with you.

and like the memory of his songs linger, so will he.

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