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10.26.05 12:12 PM

why u can never have the latest apple product

I still tote a first-generation ipod. Yep - 5 GB still works for me. It's never had to be repaired. The battery has not died. Yet, when I finally purchased the device, about a week or two later, Apple announced the second-generation iPod. Of course I was upset, we were talking the ability to save 5 GB of music vs 10 or 20 gigs. But I wasn't swindled though?

I had wanted an iPod ever since it first came out. I'm an early adopter like that. Yet I waited. We all know that new is not always best and usually we have to wait for everything to be just right with a product or its software. But I got to a point that I couldn't wait anymore, even though everyone was telling me I should wait for the next Apple announcement. I didn't wait. I found some guy through Amazon, who had two brand news ones on his hands and wanted to get rid of one. I couldn't find an iPod anywhere else at the time, I should have really known the new ones were coming. I'm not mad at my decision though, my iPod has outlived many of my friends 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation iPods. Lynne won with this round.

But when it comes to the Powerbook, I'm not so lucky. A while ago my job got me a 12-incher for work. I even wrote about it back in 2003, right here. This machine started to become troublesome, either IT hadn't set it up right, or the HD just wasn't friendly. I took great care of it though, it had that new look for all of my time with it. About a year later, my job purchased a new one, the 1.33 GHZ baby and gave me 1.25 GB RAM.

It's nice having a good machine from work, but sometimes you need your own. I haven't bought a home computer since 2001. It was a strawberry iMac. I even wrote about that one here. In the past year or so, that machine has turned mainly into a printer station and email depository - where all email goes to die live forever. It's the only computer in the house hooked up to the router and the unwireless printer, and it's the final destination for all of my email. So since I started loving the 12-incher at work, I decided to get one at home.

About a month or so ago, I purchased a model similar to the one I have at work, yet it is 1.5 GHZ - so it's faster. I was going to get the 100 GB HD over the 80GB, but opted instead for the memory boost to 1.25 GB. I love the machine. It's great. I've personalized all of my icons using candybar, and everything was just right. Well, things were just right until Apple made another announcement.

You've heard about these new Powerbooks - higher resolution, extended battery life, sudden motion sensor - agggghhh it's killing me to go on.

While my iPod might continue to light up and play, I think I should have waited on the Powerbook.

I've come a long way from my Quadra 630, but the next Apple announcement is going to get me every time.

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