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06.08.04 10:51 PM

why i don't write (here)

in case you're wondering, there are many reasons why this blog doesn't function on the daily as it once did...

1. i have a job that requires me to pay more attention to detail (including other people's writing) than is humanly possible for one person to manage

2. since jan. i have been out of town for at least one week per month, excluding may

3. i teach a course once a week for which i have to prepare lectures (because i never teach it the same way twice) and read students' papers

4. i scan through several hundred emails per day - often from two job-related email addys, three personal email addys, and one teaching-related one (let's not mention the phone calls i have to return or the IMs i respond to or the other blogs i hardly get to read)

5. i had to revise my submission for an anthology that i will have an essay appear in

6. i am desperately trying to focus on a proposal for a book idea that was discussed with an editor at an acadmic publisher over a year ago - in hopes that she's still interested

7. i write a digital music column for a magazine

8. i'm trying to tone my body, improve my health, and maintain my spiritual foundation

9. i'm working on figuring out my purpose in life - or at least my next move, as in reinvention of self to best utilize my gifts

10. i'm still loving being in a relationship that has existed for two years - and it requires the lack of free time that i have

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