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05.24.07 03:03 AM

Why Apple's iPhone is Not the Next iPod

"Apple's latest creation is unlikely to dominate the cell phone market the way the iPod has impacted the digital music market."

This article is causing quite a stir over at digg. Personally, I'm not a Cingular/AT&T user, so I won't be purchasing one. Also, according to history: I waited on the 1st Gen iPod and by the time I bought it, the new ones were released and they were much better. My advice: if you don't have that kind of cash to shell out, wait. There are other smartphones on the market -- and no they don't have multi-touch screens -- such as Nokia, Blackberry, and HTC devices that do an adequate job of providing you with an all-in-one experience and the ability to sync wirelessly with your computer.

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