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06.07.06 09:52 PM

who's guarding busta's jewels now?

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busta rhymes must have a damn good press agent. in the past few months we've seen him on the cover XXL and VIBE, and now he's being interviewed in the July 2006 issue of SPIN by Kyle Anderson --- you know the issue with a curiously skinny beyonce on the cover.

no disrespect intended, but since i'm not engaged in whether busta will snitch in the israel ramirez case, or the struggles of busta's recording career, or even the making of the big bang, i find myself most connected with the SPIN q&a because it's clever and fresh.

i particularly enjoy the closing:

INTERVIEW OVER: Rhymes and his entourage gather two bags of jewelry and head toward a fleet of black SUVs. His friend Israel Ramirez was shot protecting Busta's jewels. A few hours earlier, security at BET had wanted to search those bags. Already late, Rhymes' manager suggested he leave them behind so he could prepare for the show. Busta refused. Now his crew is comfortable that the precious cargo is safe. A few kids run by and shout "Busta!" excitedly; Rhymes simply waves, climbs into his vehicle, and disappears into the New York night.

on another note, if the big bang doesn't make it into the top albums of 2006 list, i'll be over music critics. this album finds busta at his most versatile and introspective. and besides, in the words of paris hilton, "it's hot." i still can't believe that fat joe is cosigning her album. terror squad must have some kind of stake in that, considering fat joe makes a guest appearance.

speaking of paris hilton, have you seen the video for her first single "stars are blind" yet? you can watch it over at youtube, mtv overdrive, or download it from fortunately, i couldn't get it to play on any of the sites --- on youtube it must have been a streaming server issue, mtv doesn't like macs, and i can't tell what's up with the download from parisfan.

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