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06.28.04 07:23 PM

whistle while you work...

if you're like me and your entire work day is spent at the mercy of the computer, every now and then you need a little entertainment to kick it light. and it doesn't hurt to some nice altec lansing computer speakers with an amp (with extra bass boost) to make your office walls and ceiling shake. damn, i lost my point.

oh yeah...

so, if you want to whistle while you work, and you like mixtapes, blends, remixes, whatever, then i've got something to make your work day go over really, really, nicely.

ran across vj squad1's music video remixes on squad1tv. they remind me of the one's you see on Weekend VIBE, or similarly the ones that were on the VIBE Awards

the interesting thing about these video remixes is that while i'm watching usher's "yeah" and luda is spitting his verse, the dancers are rocking to the track from nelly's "hot in herre" - and not for a second did it ever look off time.

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