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09.27.04 12:18 PM

where's the originality

Now I know I'm getting too old for this rap shit. First you got Guerilla Black sounding and looking like the Notorious B.I.G. and then this kid Angelous who sounds similar to Jay-Z. Alright, alright, perhaps it's not a gimmick and this is exactly what these cats sound like. Given that, they can't help what that their true voices sound exactly like two superior BK lyricists. But I'm saying yo' I can't do this repeat stuff. It's one thing to sound similar to someone else, but when your flow and cadences come off exactly alike, I don't know I'm questioning the A&R. And will this familiarity cause those of us who love the originals to bank on the facsimiles? I don't know.

angelous.jpg gcity_mini.jpg

If you've heard neither of these cats yet, do the little click skip to some time today - we plan to have some content up.

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