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12.12.07 05:37 PM

Where Are The Black Tech Bloggers? (Final Panelist List)

What does race have to do with blogging you may ask. To some everything, and to others absolutely nothing at all. Does race frame the way you blog or the topics you blog about -- specifically in the tech space? For some yes, and for some no. And which comes first, tech blogger or black blogger, or is there some amalgam of both? Is there such a thing as black technology? And no, I'm not talking about Black Secret Technology.

I'm sure we'll discuss these issues and a whole lot more (with a focus on identity, bloggging, and technology) at SXSW Interactive in March '08 on the Where Are The Black Tech Bloggers? panel.

Here's the final roundup of participants, as they've been confirmed.

Angela Benton - BlackWeb2.0
N'Gai Croal - Level Up
Darla Mack - Darla Mack: Days In The Life of a Mobile Diva
Ronald Lewis - 24/7 with Ronald Lewis
Lena West - Social Media 360 and TechForward
Craig Nulan - Subrealism: Liminal Perspectives on Consensus Reality

A graduate student wrote me and suggested that he'd never heard of a black tech blogger. But what constitutes a tech blogger in the first place? (Yes, I heard you jbrotherlove.)

It doesn't necessarily mean that the entire blog is dedicated to technology or gadgets in the style of a mashable, scobelizer, lifehacker, engadget, or the like, but it does mean that the blogger/writer/pdocaster/vlogger brings a thoughtful voice and analysis to the ways in which technology is affecting and redefining our lives. As I tweeted the other day, it's not I just got this hot phone, but it's a review of said phone or a cultural analysis of said phone. Whether writing about code, gadgets, tech culture, or the Web (and maybe even design's affect on technology and vice versa) -- the blogger/writer/pdocaster/vlogger offers a unique opinion and insight to its readers. Technology isn't just a tangential subject for this type of blogger, but technology (as a topic) somehow weaves its way into everything they write and talk about. Examples: music and technology, entertainment and technology, marketing and technology, fashion and technology, etc.

And while the panel's list is just a small portion of the representatives I came across in my research. More names were sent to my inbox, as well with assistance from Karsh of the The Black Weblog Awards and Darla Mack.

A list of tech blogs (and blogs that have a sometimes tech bent) written by people identified to be black (it's not always easy to tell because not every blog has a face and not everyone who appears to be black either is or wants to be identified as such) :

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life
jeepbastard: Entertainment Technology
MARS Magazine
Media Mafia Think Tank
The Meshverse Journal
The Michael Hurdle Show
Nigga Know Technology
Rochelle Robinson
Roney Smith
Terry White's Tech Blog
tiffany b. brown
w4 network

Other black bloggers who blog about tech, but may not necessarily consider themselves a tech blogger (these were suggestions from the public, though suggestions from the public also appear in my original list above as well):


Anyone else? Drop me a line to add more names.

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