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02.08.06 06:28 PM

when small worlds collide

so yesterday, i'm having this business lunch at a thai restaurant in union square, and a guy walks over to the table and stares in my face. it was quite unnerving to say the least. he keeps staring. so i ask, "do i know you?" he responds, "you should, i know you." he stares closer and asks me to look closer.

wouldn't you know it - it was none other than peter dean rickards of the notorious afflictedyard. who happens to have launched one of the best looking magazines i've seen in a decade.

unfortunately, it had been awhile since i'd seen him in person. so considering that was five years ago, and he didn't have his wooly mane, i think i can be forgiven.

i guess that's what i get for not remembering that john told me last week when we were hanging out that peter would be in town soon.

after seeing him, it dawned on me that he got the whole VOD years ahead before all of this hubbub going on about it now. he was broadcasting live reggae shows out of Kingston back then when I met him. just a shame that there was no infrastructure there to support that kind of innovation then. you know how does 56k dialup support that?

i guess that's even why with all of their original broadcasting coming out of their soho studios was ahead of its time. these folks could've been big players right now had they managed to stay afloat.

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