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03.11.06 02:16 AM

when i wasn't posting i was living

2.9.06 - at iced media's relaunch party


(that's john lee in the background sipping)

3.3.06 - at oxygen's ll cool j custom concert

this show at sony studios was completely off the hook. granted LL has been in the game for a very long time, and is the ultimate performer becuase of this. what made the concert more like a party than a concert was the intimacy of the room, and the closeness of the stage. it gave the feeling that the audience was part of the show with big L.

we're still trying to figure out what to make of the new j. lo duet.

background: oxygen invited folks to visit and create the ll cool j concert experience, by enabling visitors to select which songs he'd perform.

the 1-2 punch: ne-yo opened the show and his performance was much better than remembered at some artist on the verge event this past summer, where we saw him last. also, president carter was in the building. we walked by him on one of our trips to the VIP room for an appletini. had he not been so tall and not looking straight ahead, we would have reminded him that we wrote one of the first business stories on roc-a-fella records for a youth publication way back when and we also would have reminded him that he used to live next door to us and hugged us once in the courtyard when he was elated that reasonable doubt was reaching a tipping point.

the follow up: the concert airs on oxygen on march 18.

3.9.06 - at prince's 3121 listening party

i'll save the detailed previews of the tracks for the company that writes my paycheck, but in the meantime i have to admit that the wackness of this event was that his purpleness was not in attendance.

the label rented out a swank penthouse hotel room at the royalton, had lavish hors d'oeuvres and some kindo of purple concoction as libation. we thought it tasted like grape kool-aid and vodka. they also gave out a nifty little gift bag. i really went there hoping to see prince, not just to hear the new album played 3x in a row. not for nothing, but mary j. blige was at her listening party - and that rocked.

it was also cool to hang out with the head of and making the trip down to negril to wish shelly castro happy b-day was cool too.

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