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07.31.04 02:10 PM

what's my inspiration?

as if i didn't know this already...

a visit to steph's site

reminded me about tickle tests

so i took this test what's your divine inpiration

and it came up with this...

Music And The Arts

You've got a lust for life and a rich imagination that just can't survive without a little music, art, and creativity! Whether you're heading out to hear a band, watch a play, attend an art exhibit, or just flipping through books or cds in your room, you get inspired by, well, the inspiration of others!

It's clear that you're curious about the world around you, and that you satisfy your thirst for new experiences by staying open to all sorts of interesting, new ideas and creative story lines. You, more than others, believe that life really does imitate art. So you might as well make it a masterpiece wherever you go.

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