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06.14.02 10:26 PM

what the fluff?

I just went to visit my BP page, and this really made me ROF&LMAO. You see, on BP in the games section, we had a battle rhymes game. I forget the exact name of it. Right before I was downsized, I was responsible for populating that area of the site and setting up new battle themes. So, I hadn't written a rhyme in a couple of years. Poetry and spoken word pieces, yes, but actual rhymes, nah, ugh. N-E-Wayz, I guess doing that little project had some influence on me, 'cuz I ended up writing my own battle rhyme off the top and put it on my BP Page. When I read it now, it makes me chuckle. But it is kind of befitting to this moment in time too.

u mad counterfeit/ i'm about to dollar get/ i display/ my forte/ for getting paid/ it didn't use to be this way/ i remember back in the day/ when i used to stay up late/ fretting my fate/ cuz the rent wasn't met/ hungry all the time/ with my belly swole/ i was mad happy/ just to get a tootsie roll/ but that shyt's old/ the story has been too many times told/ now i'm dipping into bank rolls/ my allowance exponentially folds

hee-hee :-)

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