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01.07.11 06:50 PM

What Should I Do With This Blog?

So, if you've been around here for a while, you know that I started blogging in 2001. It's kind of hard to keep at it that long if you're real job involves creating content too. But anyway, as much as I could, I've kept at it.

Well, after many promises, I'm finally relaunching and I'm a little unsure about my content focus. Initially this started as a personal blog, then it got very hip-hop and entertainment heavy (yeah, I was the hiphop feminist for a while), and then it also got very gadget/software/techie.

But here's the problem. I plan to blog about social media over at MediaBizBloggers, and to continue blogging about style-related stuff over on my Tumblr blog, but that leaves me wondering what my content focus should be here. Should there be a singular focus, or should there just be a lot of me, whatever that ends up being? Whatever I do, I don't want overlap from the other two, because I want to pull them into this blog magazine style.

Wait, I think I just answered my question. This is going to be a magazine style blog. Whatever that means. New content and new design coming soon.

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