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10.18.06 06:14 PM

What I Said...

What I've been talking about over at the Fast Company blog:

It Feels Like Acquisition Season - every major media behemoth is scrambling for a Web 2.0 social networking play. MTV is the latest, with it's acquisition of Quizzilla.

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Steve Jobs on the iPod .Vs Zune - Newsweek sat down with Jobs as the iPod turns 5 to discuss its impact on design and culture.

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Wal-Mart's China Expansion Strategy - Wal-Mart wants to be the leading retailer in China. Can someone tell this company they can't be everything.

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When Entertainment and Advertising Clash - How Diddy and BK's YouTube strategy failed. Or did it?

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PepsiCo's Healthy Project in the 'hood - How Pepsico plans to get the 'hood eating healthy snacks.

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