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11.22.04 10:32 PM

what happened to the blogship?

Man Eric set that blogship up to be a clearing house for all hip hop related blogs and it appears that no one has posted there since the summer. I told cats that having to ping was going to be a problem. A group blog might've been an easier effort, but even then how do you get folks to want to post in two places?

I'm thinking there's got to be a better solution. I'm noticing that most of my blog fam, lots of you folx putting it down in this space since '01 and '02 have kind of slacked off a bit, but there's a lot of new blog hustlas stepping up. Somehow I keep thinking there have gots to be ways to do these group efforts. I know Hashim has it going on with both hiphopblogs and mixtapes etc, but a community of bloggers in this space is what I still haven't really seen. In fact, I've seen more blog battles than anything else, especially when it comes to some of these newer hip hop bloggers.

Is hip hop blogging dead? Ok, perhaps not in jay's world over there at hiphopmusic, who is still the most prolific hip-hop blogger of all - but on the real, other than these hip-hop freelance writers who are now all profilin' all over the blogoverse - who is really, really doing this damn thing anymore?

Ok, I know I'm going to get flamed for this one. But who cares. Perhaps it's b/c I am just not representing myself anymore and so I'm projecting or something. Whatever. Go cry to your mama.

Post done!

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