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04.15.02 12:02 AM

what does blogging mean to me

Monique said a lot about blogging and the Web yesterday that made me really take pause and think about what my purpose is with this blog, and with this overall Website in general. Is this site interesting to me? Is it something I would read even it wasn't all about me? Surely, the main purpose of this site is self promotion. But when I started the blog, I suppose I wasn't looking for another writing outlet, at least not to function in the same way as some of my published work does, but more as a real life journal. I wanted to offer people a view into my life. Not because I thought I was so interesting or my life was so amazing. I simply wanted to share my thoughts and the goings on of life in NYC, and specifically Brooklyn. At least as I live it. I didn't really think about what others might want to know about me or want to read. But as I started getting more into the blog, I joined some rings and other services where I got rated. Folks started hating on me, and then I got caught up in public opinion.

I started this blog to write. To write whatever I cared to write about on any given day. If folks liked it, cool. And if they didn't, well that would be cool too. I'm not trying to figure myself out here, or to write some great prose or anything like that. As I've mentioned before, I'm a paid journalist so writing is my livelihood. This blog was where I wanted to say, "Hey, I saw this interesting thing today." Or, "Hey, I did this, or met this person, or felt this way about this." Funny, reading Monique's post today brought me back to my focus. Basically back to my true purpose. I'm not simply writing for the sake of writing, but writing b/c I must. In many ways, it is the best way I communicate. Instead of talking to myself, and keeping all my thoughts buzzing about in my head, I'm sharing them with the global village. Again, this may not be interesting for some, and my focus may change from time-to-time, but nonetheless, it will be all me, raw, pure, and totally naked. LOL. OK, I won't be naked in the literal sense, but what I mean to say is that this blog is just what it is. Not meant for self promotion. Not a popularity push. Simply an organic unfolding of who Lynne is and what interests her.

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