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05.12.06 03:33 PM

what college students actually do online

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eszter hargittai, asst. prof. nortwestern interested in user background and activities has found that students who are women, african-americans, hispanic origin, or from parents with lower levels of education (groups)...are using online services far less than white males.

the overall scope of this study can be found @

this comes immediately after i ran into peter armstrong in the stairwell where he reflected that i was missed from the panel (what the emerging participatory web media services are doing) and commented it was nothing but white males.

so the digital divide does still exist...

you see the jury is still out on that one for me, or perhaps bc i live in new york city i have a skewed opinion of what women and what african-americans do online. and perhaps they're not (all) yet on myspace, facebook, or tagworld, but they're on blackplanet and migente. to think that we of color who do blog, or who use the web medium for social interaction and social advocacy are still so far flung and few.

i think the wrong questions are being asked. maybe we should be asking about cell phone usage - and usage of gaming devices/consoles that hook up to the Internet if we want to know how some groups use (online).


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