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06.09.04 01:50 AM

what a novel idea...

hashim of diesel nation and hip hop blogs made a comment on my last post that reminded me why i started this diary/a day in a life in the first place. i was supposed to be talking about events that happened in my life here. which i have done, intermixed with ruminations about music, black culture, technology, and gadgets. there are times though, when i just don't have it in me to write after or during my day's journeys. i just don't have that umph to write as fluidly as i do in my professional life. but i'd forgotten, this place was not meant to serve as substitute to the professional writing i do, but instead to enhance and support it.

and so it begins...

most of the time, i don't like talking about my family or my partner in this space, because i'm just protective that way. same goes for my students or my work place - though there might be legal issues involved in those instances anyway.

but there is one thing i can say that was truly realized and actualized in my life today. teaching just may be my calling. when i work with interns, when i lecture students, i'm elated. i could have the most terrible and frustrating day, but wednesdays when i teach and often (every day) when i'm working one-on-one with one of my interns or writers - i get high, i get high, i get high.

i don't always know whether i'm doing this thing correctly. this working with people. this sharing. yet, i often get that thank you.

today, or maybe it was monday, this new writer who is assisting me at the office a couple of days a week pronounced that even in this short period of time he's learning things from me. he just started working with me last week and though he had worked with me via email in the past, he said this one-on-one has been really helpful.

when it comes to teaching and i say the word lecture, i don't mean it in the sense that i spend the entire class time being garrulous. it's a sharing process. i give, they take, and vice versa. this is the preamble to what happened tonight during my lecture. during our sharing, as we discussed the development of dominant minority relations in america and coursed back through theories of prejudice and racism - a lot of students became excitedly articulate and passionate about the subject. in turn, that caused me to do the same. as we came to the close of the class, which never closes for some reason with me. the next professor who teaches the class following mine, always shows up before i'm completed. but as we came to a close - one student asked, "are you african?" i said, "i don't know, i might be." i mean aren't we all descendants of africa? and certainly i see myself as a part of the african diaspora. this student who asked this and the one next to her kept looking at me, with smiles on their faces. so i asked, "what, do i look african?" "no," the student retorted, "i mean are your parents from africa or something?" i just looked at her, and so she continued. "you just have very different views. you're so open. you seem to see things clearly. this sociology stuff is something else." btw, i teach the sociology of group behavior with a focus on race and ethnic relations.

if this day hasn't taught me anything, while i'm on this journey to find how i can best use my gifts in the world, then something's gotta' be wrong in my head.

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