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06.26.06 07:39 PM

wendy williams updates (strahan & dr. ian; oprah)

It appears that the "Queen Of All Media" Wendy WIlliams can and will get the interviews that no one else will. Last week, Michael Strahan called in to defend himself and alleviate all allegations his ex-wife has made about him being gay. The New York Post reported on one of Strahan's calls into Wendy. The NY Daily News reports Strahan running from press on Christopher St. with Dr. Ian Smith's twin brother as well as Dr. Smith's wife affirming that her husband is not gay.

On Friday, during the rush hour drive, I turned on WBLS and heard Dr. Ian talking to Wendy WIlliams. He mainly discussed the emotional state of Strahan's ex and how it's affecting the children (who happen to be Smith's godchildren). Strahan called in and also discussed her emotional instability. Wendy took a survey of all whom were in the studio with her to find out that prior to the interviews they all believed the allegations to be true, but that Dr. Ian and Strahan's candidness had altered their assumptions. The hanging point for Wendy though, was Strahan staying at Dr. Ian's home, to which Strahan (paraphrase) said he's my friend why wouldn't I stay with him in a time of turmoil.

Other recent Wendy Williams interviews included her discussion with Syracuse University Professor Dr. Boyce Watkins who wrote this article alleging Winfrey's possible bias against black men. While on Williams' show, Watkins received overwhelming and highly emotional responses to his statements about Winfrey.

In other Wendy Williams news:

She's now endorsing Alize


is also writing ubran lit - Drama Is Her Middle Name : The Ritz Harper Chronicles Vol. 1


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