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01.19.06 02:30 AM

webjay acquired by yahoo

Lately - my audio search habits have steered me away from Google and Yahoo. That is since I became addicted to Altavista's audio search, bloggdigger's media search, ourmedia, and torrentz.

And while, podzinger's podcast search tool, looks interesting, what's been holding my attention most has been weebjay's integration with blogdigger. This integration entails - "Blogdigger’s syndicated content aggregation platform indexes new additions to Webjay’s playlists as they are updated, allowing Webjay’s users to quickly find audio or video by keyword search. Search results from Blogdigger will direct users back to Webjay’s site, helping them discover new media content." And: "Blogdigger will utilize Webjay’s PlayThisPage technology to enable users of its Media Search to quickly and easily create a playlist to listen or view and save media search results."

But now that Yahoo has acquired the company, I'm not sure what will happen. In a Yahoo! Music Blog post from Jan. 9, Ian C Rogers welcomes Webjay to the Yahoo Music Family. One thing is for sure, playlists are going to become an essential part of Yahoo! Music.

With Google going after Apple and Microsoft, with its video store play, and then after traditional media with the purchase of dMarc Broadcasting, a radio advertising company, it's safe to assume that audio and video are becoming major businesses in the online world.

One thing is certain, neither old media or new media are disappearing anytime soon. Their marriages are inevitable though. While new media may have the technology, in most cases old media has the content and in many cases it also still has the eyeballs. It's going to be very interesting to watch how the battles between Yahoo and Google play out, but it's also going to be interesting to watch how the battle between Apple and Microsoft play out. All of these companies are vying for entry into our lifestyles, to get closer to us, and find better ways to sell us things that match our interests.

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