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03.11.02 12:38 PM

too ill to post

Last week, when I was ill a couple of days I realized I don't have as much time to hold this blog down as I did in
or February. Between full time graduate school and various odd jobs, as my
illustrates, and extensive freelance writing on the Web and in magazines, blogging everyday is just not happening.

I'm trying to do my best, but these other things take priority in my life. And now with the end of the semester approaching, and more writing assignments that are past deadline, and various new ones due, the time I can allot to blogging is very slim. So if you're hating on my blog, I suppose you have the right to. I too realize it is not the best blog it can be. Although I will still try to post at least once a week, I can't make any promises.

In the meantime, check out some of these other bloggers. These are folks who I think really understand what a blog is supposed to be.

Check them out:
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cecily — shallow and insipid since 2001
jason — the mind of a miled mannered negro
staceyann chin — poetry in motion
zakia — :: an act of resistance :: an act of love

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