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02.21.02 12:25 PM

To blog, or not to blog

To blog, or not to blog. That is the question. Hmm...

When I look at my stats, I think about giving up this blog. It's like who's reading it anyway? My so-called friends, don't even seem to know it exists. But then, I'm learning you have to be a 'net addict, and into blogs to really understand this culture. They obviously don't fall into that category. I don't think any of my offline friends are as into being online as I am. When I think about not posting any longer, I look at sites like little.yellow.different and urbanpoet, and I see how many people read their words everday. The same thing seems to happen with george and cecily. Do these folks promote? Is this why they are visited so often? What exactly is the secret? Are they IMing and emailing so many people that the word gets around about them? Are people writing articles about their sites? I need to find out. I'm doing this to share, not to talk to myself. I can do that any time.

Anyway. For v.1.0 of the site, I was using Claris Home Page. (Funny, right now, I can't find a version online for the Mac.) Now since I changed the layout and am using CSS, I switched over to BBEdit. But I'm getting a little tired of all that hard core HTML coding, so I might go for
in the coming weeks. I'll let you know when I start using it. Just in case you're wondering, I'm on an iMac, so don't get any ideas that I might be using a PC.

On another note, last night, I finally saw
Moulin Rogue
. I smiled all they way through. Really loved the music. My girl Mel and I went to check it out at the Screening Room. I told her we could have seen it on my 36-inch screen on digital cable or DVD, but she wanted the movie theater experience. She's on a mission to see all the movies nominated for Oscars. I guess she feels about movies the way I do about the Web.

Also yesterday, Trent Fitzgerald, who has a pretty funny quote in the VV Pazz & Jop, emailed me to say that in the Rock and Rap Poll, they used one of my quotes. (Bob Dylan won on that list too.) Trent has the hard copy version, and online all they have is the list. I can't remember what I said, so I want to see it soon to know whether I said something stupid or not.

And finally, I think my relationship with D. is coming to a close. It seems either I'm too busy, or we are just not able to get along. Not really sure what it is. We just decided to be friends for now, but you know how that always works out. I really hope it doesn't go down that way here. I want it to work, but I seem to be unable and unqualified to make it work any longer.

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