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09.09.03 08:54 PM

thoughts while surfing

Though I think it's pretty cool that the Electronic Frontier Foundation has offered P2P users tips on how not to get sued by the RIAA, I pretty much think that the use of file-sharing to complete your entire music library is pretty wack...much in the way that buying bootlegs is. Not that I have never downloaded a file back in the Napster days, to simply sample music before deciding to purchase, or bought a bootleg before, it's totally unfair to the music artist. Yes, I know, if the music artist doesn't own their own publishing, the percentage they receive on CD sales is miniscule and they have to make most of their money from touring. But doesn't The Neptunes, Outkast, et. al. deserve to be paid for bringing you their creativity? Besides, hasn't Apple's iTunes Music Store proven, by selling it's ten millionth song on Septemeber 3, that music aficianados are willing to pay a reasonable price for quality downloads? Doesn't it also prove that CDs are just too damned expensive? Universal Music Group, the world's largest recording company has finally figured that out. The same day iTunes Music Store sold its ten millionth song, UMG announced that the company would slash CD prices, and hopes that retailers will follow suit and sell CDs for just $10 or less.

In related news, the film industry has come around full-speed to the legal downloading game. Back in November, five major Hollywood studios formed Movielink, in an effort to move folks aways from downloading pirated copies of films from the likes of Kazaa, Gnutella, and Morpheus. The latest upgrade of Movielink, just might get folks much more interested in downloading movies, even over renting DVDs. For one, you can watch the flick while you're still downloading, or save a download to finish later, or even rent a movie unlimited times within a 30-day period without having to download again. Rental of new films is priced between $4 and $5. But and E-commerce Times can tell the story better than I can. I always wondered about watching a movie on such a small screen, but I guess it's no different than watching it in an Airplane or your car.

Bonus: Cecily asks, what does it mean to be a black blogger? I gave one of my long-ass responses, that could very well be summed up with this statement, "In an Afrofuturism special issue of Social Text, editor Alondra Nelson writes in the introduction: "Afrofuturism can be broadly defined as "African American voices" with "other stories to tell about culture, technology, and things to come. This is what I feel black bloggers are doing." What do you think?

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