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12.23.04 01:37 PM

the year of the comeback

This year was the year of the big comeback - but oh so maaaany failed. I saw three of my favorite all time hip-hop groups put out albums, first there was The Beastie Boys with To The 5 Bouroughs, then you had Brand Nubian with Fire In The Hole, and you had De La Soul with The Grind Date. Now the Beasties arrived with much fanfare, but not enough to knock out the likes of Usher and Ciara. And well, your favorite white boy always got the charts on lock, even though this album is less stellar than usual. Besides, didn't Jigga already hit us with the "Encore."

But anyway, since TRL and 106 & Park rule, it kinds of makes sense that the cats I'd really hope to do well in this hip-hop game wouldn't. I'm aging out of this shit, slowly but surely. And yet, I'm not saying any of these youngin's ain't got skills. I'm repping Urban Legend to the fullest, same way I did with Trap Muzik. A legend just might be in the making, but King Of The South - not. At least not yet. You ain't finished paying your dues yet son. But those skills are dandy - no doubt. You ain't half bad looking either. Matter-fact, you could get it. Showing my age again...damn. I meant, the goodies are up for grabs - or some such nonsense.

On the real, I can't name one great album this year. I'm going back into the vault and measuring them up, but I'm feeling empty. I wasn't fulfilled. Lots of party jams. Lots of things I want to hear bump in the clubs. But if I wasn't in the bidness, would I put my 10-bill through that Apple iTunes one-click motion for anything? Dunno kids. I'm feeling really empty musically. A lil' unfulfilled.

Of course, I got my off the beaten path kinds of shit that I like, you know the artists with no distribution and no marketing budgets. And then there's those mixtapes. I'm always loving those, but still I can't say I got a greatest album this year. I gots to think about that one real hard and looooong. I'll let you know when I figure it out. And until then I won't be putting down no lists.

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