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03.14.02 02:01 AM

The world done gone mad.

Some crazy ish was about to jump off on ebay. Lost papers of Malcolm X were about to be auctioned off on the site. But after family members said they would sue the sale was called off.

Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as Black Panther H. Rap Brown, was sentenced to life in prison without any hope for parole. He was convicted of shooting two Fulton County deputies on March 16, 2000, after they came to his store to serve him with an arrest warrant on charges of receiving stolen property and impersonating a police officer. In his defense, his lawyers pleaded that it was a conspiracy and that the government has been out to get him since the '60s.

As the US government becomes more and more desperate in the war that just won't quit, the latest military move may set off a nuclear war. If it's merely a bluff, it is likely that Osama will call that bluff and raise the game. Didn't 9-11 illustrate that death is not something these folks are scared of? That they will die for their beliefs? It has been proven. If this new threat is actually carried out, it will of course do more harm than good.

And now the craziest news of the day. DC just may give Tyson license to fight Lewis. OK, I know this fight will bring in mucho dolares, but hasn't Mad Mike been given just a few too many chances to prove, well, that he is a mad man? There's no telling what stunts he'll pull if he actully gets into the ring with Lewis.

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