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11.17.06 03:28 PM

the wackest beef ever

a friend and i have been discussing the generational differences in hip-hop, especially as it relates to the criticism of jay-z and nas. as in jay-z and nas are old heads, and cats like lil wayne and t.i. are supposed to be the truth.

i think of this now, as i listen to Jim Jones f. Jay-Z & Juelz Santana - "We Fly High (Beef Mix)," and remember those disses that cam' put out toward jay awhile back. there's all this focus on age, instead of true skill. in that case, i suppose rakim is a dinosaur and in a battle young jeezy would take him out? saw vh1 hip-hop honors.

anyway, as these young guns go off and talk about how wack the old heads are, i wish they'd sit down and really listen to the content of the lyrical matter of some joints that came out in the late 80s and up through most of the 90s. first, they'll notice that not only have some of their favorite rappers bitten samples and beats, but they've also stripped a verse here or there and have tried to reclaim some of them as their own.

it's not like i'm saying old skool was the best, not the first old skool or the second, but if you cats are really, really, truly hip-hop fans educate yourself on the music. i'm not saying you gotta' respect it all, but educate yourself.

and this is not my saying that jay-z is the best rapper alive -- so why not leave the old man alone. i'm really just saying that this beef is wack. and hopefully jimmy is smart enough to know that his position on the billboard chart has to be challenged right now. whether jimmy deserves his spot or not, that's another question.

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