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07.08.05 04:50 PM

the road to blogher

Still on the schedule and still planning to attend and to lead this session:

Feminist hip-hop bloggers: Negotiating a space dominated by men - much like the music.

I've got three ladies who'd love to go on the road with me.

Julianne Shepherd

Rachel Ramist

Miranda Jane

Only problem is - we need a little funding as blogher is a non-profit event and doesn't cover cost. I can get my company to back me no problem, but these other ladies are freelance writers, filmmakers, graduate students and a sponsor would help us out quite a bit. blogher can cover conference fees for those who volunteer to live blog and receive a bloghership, but I suppose there is still the matter of travel and lodging costs.

If you have any information that can help us make this session a reality - with more voices other than just my own, please send me an email.

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