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06.13.02 08:14 PM

the next michael jackson

On IM yesterday, G. and I were discussing how Usher has appropriated Michael Jackson-like qualities within a hip-hop context. The dance moves, the leather jacket, even the glove. Yet, Usher is more accessible than MJ because he is not viewed as a freak. Whenever you saw MJ dancing with his dancers, you never felt he was one of them. With Usher, you get one of the homeboys. Usher is the new international pop icon and he has the ego to go along with it. Why just in the New York Daily News the other day, the artist was boasting about his artistic abilities.

"This is my time for domination," he says of the upcoming decade. "Ages 23 through 33 will be my prime. So, beware."
"I was born to be a headliner," the singer says, savoring his role as the main attraction. "Headlining is a piece of cake."

Lola Ogunnaike, Daily News Feature Writer wrote:

Usher, 23, has become one of the best-selling acts in R&B, as well as an international heartthrob. And these facts are not at all lost on the cocky young star, who was barely a blip on music's radar screen not too long ago.

In a business that has been dominated by white boy bands and blonds baring more midriff than a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Usher speaks to an underserved group: black teenage girls.

Since MJ hasn't been pulling his weight over at Sony, the label plans to release 2 greatest hits records that will finish out his contract. Wacko Jacko, of course, wants to enlist Cochran to wrestle with the suits in that arena. Either way it doesn't matter, it looks like there's definitely a new King of pop.

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