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12.13.06 08:20 PM

The New York Press on Social Media


I just couldn't stay away.

I had to come out of semi-retirement to tell you about the cover story of the NY Press this week. My boy, and editor-in-chief of the NY Press, Adario Strange, writes the cover story that reads:

MEDIA THREAT Social media, user-generated content, digital egalitarianism … big media has a big problem

And we want to know what he's on to here. Especially since we've had extensive, well detailed, discussions about social networking.

The piece, has us wondering whether recent technological (read web) events have ushered in the “post-human” era.

For instance:

The 109th Congress closed last Saturday without sanctioning the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement (COPE) Act of 2006, a bill designed to redesign the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in a manner that would ultimately allow Internet service providers like Verizon, BellSouth, Comcast and AT&T to charge websites and companies for faster Internet access—essentially stratifying the Web into a fast lane business class and a slower, digital ghetto for those unable to pay a premium.


On Monday, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, unveiled a new, free-hosting service called OpenServing, a site that will offer free hosting and use of the powerful Wikia software to anyone interested in creating a community site. Wales intends to make this all available while permitting users to keep 100 percent of any advertising revenue they earn on their site from ad networks such as Google Adsense.

Can someone say disruption? Isn't that what the Web 2.0 Summit was all about?

Go read the essay for yourself.

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