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08.09.04 01:53 AM

The Last Meme

Because I'm doing what KB did, although the combination of my style sheets and MT didn't render the damn form and table that came with the survey correctly, nor did they like my trying to create a dashed border out of it and so instead you get this...

The \\

Last Cigarette: Newport - at the club Thursday night

Last Alcoholic Drink: Corona - to wash down the Hypnotiq and Grey Goose on Thursday night

Last Car Ride: The cab on Thursday night

Last Kiss: My Momma - a couple of weeks ago - Tongue Actions been a month (long distance relationship)

Last Good Cry: Two weeks ago while watching House of Sand and Fog - and typically movies don't make me cry

Last Library Book: Last year - One of those Harry Potter books

Last book bought: Haven't actually purchased in a minute, I get a lot of books for free

Last Book Read: Currently reading - Making Beats

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: She Hate Me - the week it came out

Last Movie Rented: House of Sand and Fog - two weeks ago from Netflix

Last Cuss Word Uttered: Shit - in an email two days ago

Last Beverage Drank: Energy Glaceau Vitamin Water just now

Last Food Consumed:Falafel sandwich this evening

Last Crush: I don't have crushes

Last Phone Call: Three hours ago to my love

Last TV Show Watched: Six Feet Under

Last Time Showered: At 1 PM today

Last Shoes Worn: Gold w/burgandy stripes Adidas Spezial still on my feet

Last CD Played: I shuffle on iTunes and haven't listened to a full CD in a minute - though I know that Los Amigos Invisibles shuffling around in there is the hotness

Last Item Bought: Energy Glaceau Vitamin Water a couple hours ago

Last Download: Bad Brains/Bad Brains From iTunes store two weeks ago

Last Annoyance: Seeing someone wash a fan in my tub tonight

Last Disappointment:having to get rid of my 1991 Mazda MX6 car b/c a 1999 Honda Civic is coming into my life with my love's move back to NYC and we can't afford to upkeep two cars

Last Soda Drank: I don't drink soda

Last Thing Written: I don't write by hand much - but probably notes I took at a meeting last week

Last Key Used: [enter/return] just now

Last Words Spoken: "Good Night" on my last phone call

Last Sleep: 4:30 PM this afternoon

Last Ice Cream Eaten: a month ago - Egg Nog Flavored Taste of the Tropics

Last Chair Sat In: sitting on my couch right now

Last Webpage Visited:


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