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05.23.07 01:30 PM

The Hood Internet: Rock/Rap Mashups for Geeks

Jim Jones + Daft Punk

What a novel idea. Start a blog and center it around providing a new rock/rap mashup every day. Sure, we've heard rock/rap mashups before, but these are good, and using a blog entirely as a distribution channel -- I don't know -- pretty cool. It's about getting the music lovers and the geeks all at the same time, and often they're one in the same. The Very Short List says:

"The mashup is nothing new, but The Hood Internet does it better than most, producing songs that often sound like actual collaborations. And the Photoshopped images of each hypothetical new group — see R. Kelly fronting indie darlings Broken Social Scene — extend the fun of these surprising juxtapositions a nice bit further."

One of my favorites: Jim Jones vs Daft Punk - "Something About Jim Jones." And you gotta' love Feist vs Lloyd - "My Moon My Shawty."

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