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08.05.05 10:34 PM

the ethics of podcasting

from an earlier post you may have read of my session at blogher and of latthana indharasophang of ponzi's schemes recording it for the chris pirillo show.

well it seems that justin who attended the session felt that: "However, one of the people attending the session (who turned out to be Ponzi, girlfriend of Chris Pirillo) asked if she could have permission to “podcast” the session. I figured this meant unobtrusively record the speaker and the audience’s questions from a distance. Instead she proceeded to take over the session, interrupting Lynne to ask questions, and otherwise being rather intrusive. Even I felt uncomfortable. Brave new world indeed."

ponzi has a response of course. most notedly, "Wow - I think it's rather interesting how ones good intentions (mine) can end up someone else's uncomfortable memory (his)."

This discussion brings up a slew of issues surrounding the ethics of audiocasting/podcasting - and probably even videocasting - or how about even photoblogging.

I of course didn't feel intruded upon, and as I said in ponzi's comments and also in a conversation with one of blogher's organizers, I was briefly taken aback. That was until I collected my thoughts and started to go with the rhythm of what was happening. It actually facilitated a better session.

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