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07.30.05 11:58 AM

the beginning of the beginning

one line entries about blogher (the list will get longer as the day progresses)...

1. It's interesting of the few men here, most are lining the walls and not sitting down

2. A men's bathroom has been converted into a women's bathroom (that rocks)

3. It sucks that I have to leave early, perhaps I should change my flight so I can stay for the after party (I am researching changing my flight now-damn it's too late)

4. Do women care about link status (visibility) ranking - women are not showing up on technorati - (80/20 rule - 80% of the blogging by 20% of the people) halley who is on the A-list says we shouldn't want to be on the list - halley also says women don't ask for links - there's a lot of debate going on about this topic of course (my thoughts later)...other thoughts is the technorati 100 the A list? women and men network differently?...if you want to play by the rules and care about these lists and networks, then you have to follow these rules says danah boyd

5. This is going really well. I am far more interested than I thought I'd be. Of course while we are here speaking about where are the women bloggers - the little bit of diversity in the room (black, asian, or otherwise) has me reminiscing blogging while black

6. Ok my mind shifted for a second as I was looking for someone in the audiences photoshop blog over at weblogs inc. what distracted me was the digital music blog - this is something i was thinking about doing ever since my digital music column got canned in Vibe Magazine

7. nile from technorati is here stating that nothing gets removed from technorati, b/c people are concerned about technorati censorship - mena trott says when networking women need not hate on those who are doing it - another voice from the crowd says start a blogher 100

it's 10:02 am time for a break

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