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02.11.03 11:48 PM

the ballots are in

I now take a break from the mainstream press' coverage of hip-hop to bring you an update on the best album of 2002. Well it is the best album according to 695 critics who voted in the annual Village Voice poll. And the winner is Wilco's
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
. Missy's "Work It," wins the #1 single of 2002. Hip-hop took over the
category, but rock/alternative dominated the album winners list. It is so hard to remember, at the beginning of a New Year, what you felt was really hot all year long. I suppose it is whichever albums you bumped the most during the year. On my ballot I went for a little of what I crunked the most and mixed in some later-in-the year releases. It appears that I and Greg Tate have similar taste. And to think, when I was an undergrad, that was whose writing I followed and used as my prime examples of writing about music in literary journalism class. Although, I sort of, kind of, know GT on a personal level, I never knew we bonded on music like this. Trent has a ballot on here too. I really love Sasha Frere-Jones' essay
that tells how Tim beat the Neptunes ass this year.

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