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06.11.04 04:47 PM

the afro journals

let's see, where to begin...i think i'll start here. last august for my birthday, i went to the barbershop and got my hair cut really low with these tribal mark designs shaved in. i did it again sometime between august and september. so basically, i was a shaven head grrl - and most people have thought for the past three or four years that either i was balding, thinning, or was just one of those black sisters who couldn't grow hair. people are foolish. we know this. to be quite honest, i had blonde locs down my back for a good seven years prior to this era of teeny weenie fros and ceasars. the short hair was a choice.

sometime around september or october, i started to let my hair grow again. only getting trims and shape ups. you've probably seen some of the shots - like this one from november, or this one that showed up on monique's site in october, or the others on steven's in january. but i thought i'd probably just cut it all off again. twisting and box brading this thickness that rests upon my head was becoming a total chore.

you haven't really seen any shots since, except with a headwrap on or a hat. at least i don't think you have, well unless you saw that brief news appearance on UPN or met me at the NYC bloggers brunch in March or even saw the photos (which i don't even know if they're there anymore, but it is here).

i have been taking lots of headshots for comparison purposes though, i just haven't been posting them. there are times, as the growing process was taking place that it was hard for me to get used to. that was until about April, when i started getting the old hair cornrowed. and now i switch back-and-forth between the fro and the rows. this has really been a remarkable journey. at times i've wanted to chop it all the hell off. but now, it's coming along really nicely. i've learned to embrace my nappiness in all of its regal splendor (not hard to do since i've been nappy the majority of my adult life). i've turned it jet black so that it shines ebony victorious against my caramel skin. i'll still be cornrowing for a minute, until the fro is a big floppy wonder.

pics to come soon.

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