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03.08.02 12:00 AM

teens and plastic surgery

I almost couldn't believe it when I read it. It was in AlterNet yesterday.

"Teens are seeking nose reshaping, breast augmentation and liposuction, thinking of them as quick solutions to their adolescent self-image problems."

How scary is that shit? Of course you'd have to have the money to do it. But why would anyone under 18 ever consider plastic surgery? Is that what you were thinking about at that age? "Damn, I wish my breasts were bigger?" Never did I once. Or how about, "I want to look like Barbie?" Get the hell outta' here. If I had a kid, and even if I were filthy rich, no way would that kid get plastic surgery. Rich folks just don't know what to do with their money do they? And please don't tell me that the teenage years are the worst self-esteem years, and plastic surgery would help a teen get through those years. What are you, crazy? That's for those of you who believe it's alright to let kids have plastic surgery. As if looking like Barbie would make my life as a Black woman in America any easier.

Anyway, read it for yourself. The Young and The Plastic, then you decide.

Somebody prove to me that it makes sense that teens accounted for three percent of all the plastic surgeries performed last year. And maybe it's nothing new to you, but we just don't get down like that in the 'hood. Somebody's mamma'd pimp slap 'em before she'd let the fool get some plastic surgery. Of all the ridiculous ish in the world.

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