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08.22.02 11:17 AM


Jaguar gets a high grade from David Pogue at The New York Times Jaguar isn't perfect. The online help is abysmal, a few minor bugs remain, and Mac loyalists who already paid $129 for Mac OS X 10.0 or 10.1 may resent having to pay another $129 to stay current. Even so, Mac OS X 10.2 is the best-looking, least-intrusive and most thoughtfully designed operating system walking the earth today. No, you don't want to lick it. But you're delighted that you installed it — and for a hunk of software in this day and age, even that's quite an achievement.

How do you find bloggers? The New York Times wants to knowThe number of Weblogs now tops a half-million, by most estimates. So it's no surprise that some bloggers, as the writers of these link-filled, diarylike sites are known, are carving some order out of chaos.

There is no easy way to search for blogs by content or popularity. The major blog directory, at, has only 6,000 listings. But a bevy of new sites offer interesting ways, if somewhat esoteric ones, to browse the blog universe.

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