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03.14.06 03:19 AM

sxsw semi-live blogging: what people are really doing on the web

what people are really doing on the web

Moderator: Joel Greenberg Sr Planner, GSD&M

Holland Hofma Brown VP Internet Panel Mgmt, Harris Interactive
Joel Greenberg Sr Planner, GSD&M
Michele Madansky VP Corp & Sales Research, Yahoo!
Max Kalehoff VP Mktg, Nielsen BuzzMetrics

greenberg - we are all involved in the web in some way we are all involved in creating things ppl use on the web or some other type of function support your products with real data about what people are doing on the web so when you go back to your projects you can begin to whip out stats or find out where the statistics are to prove your points about functionality or products b/c that's how human beings are working

greenberg - qualitative and quantititative data - use what you learn about people to decide what they need - put it into the brand values you're creating - how can we get to the future

brown - we conducted an online survey on sxsw 2300 respondents balanced data on age sex and region to be representative of us population - internet is not a cutting edge technology it is a way of life - we cannot live without the internet - we'd rather email a friend than call on a phone - even though we can't live w/out it only small % feels comfortable transferring personal data over internet - there is a large segment who has not let the web take over everything - who's reading blogs? young men in particular are dominating - ppl with college degree more likely to read blogs - they want to find out what ppl are thinking - it's mostly a passive activity - not many commenting on blogs - ppl are selective about the blogs they read - personal diaries are at the top of the list while for sxsw folks its technology - content over looks - sxsw folks like visual appeal and frequent updates

madansky - mobile phones are becoming increasingly important - online gaming important globally - in the us only 29% have mp3 player - music huge portion of online searches - music fills key need for youth - new product yahoo answers (social search - ask question and other people respond)

kalehoff - our mission in life is to help marketers measure and analyze consumer generated media - we have a 10 year investment - we first started out with usenet groups - we moved to auto portals - feedback portals - moved into chat and AIM - now we're moving to consumer generated multimedia (podcasts/vodcasts) - how we perceive brands - top search results are in the first person - by listening to consumer generated media marketers have been able to focus and target their products available

audience question - y has yahoo tapered off of using focus groups?

madansky - there is a time and place for it - we think ethnography is a way at getting at people's needs - we chose the most articulate ppl from the surveys in various countries and went into their homes

audience question - how does yahoo use research in product buildout?

madansky - we have idea factory - anyone in company can put idea into software about how product should function, etc. - i help filter through those ideas - it's off the shelf software - it's been very helpful in getting new ideas out there

audience question - difference between snapshot and trend

madansky - looked at consumer response to google offering mail app - 18 - 24 is key demographic

audience question - why does music and sex eclipse sports?

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