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03.16.06 01:57 AM

sxsw interactive '06 wrap up

Back in Nueva Yawk - where it's colder than a witch's (you know the rest).

This year was a really fun and interesting time for me at SXSW. There were so many more African-Americans in attendance (j. has a partial list), and as I've mentioned earlier the women of BlogHer put together some truly magnificent panels there.

My goal this year, other than moderating Blogging While Black Revisited, was to go outside of my comfort zone and meet more people who would ultimately have an impact on the way in which I approach my professional career as a new media manager, as well as the way in which I approach my blog. I definitely achieved that.

I met far too many people this year to name them all, but I'd like to send a special shout out to Christine M. Songco for inviting me to the Blogger party and for the schwag. I also don't think I can do enough to thank Hugh Forrest, who I spoke with at the Blogger party, for all he's done. I'm already thinking about a proposal for next year.

Right now I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank some of the people who met with me both formally and informally, either related to my full time gig or the work I do with my blog/journal and as a cultural producer. Following is a list of business cards I collected from some of those people, in no particular order.

SXSW Interactive '06 Business Card Roll

Jeff Bowman ( )
Jeff is a visionary and futuristic thinker. He's passionate about what he's creating and the power of the Web. I look forward to having many more discussions with Jeff.

Jory Des Jardins ( +
I can't do enough to thank the founding ladies of BlogHer. They are always looking out for me and hooking me up with very key people. Also they've launched a model that many of my BWB Revisited panelists and I find inspirational and enabling.

Liza Sabater (
Not only have we been reading one another's sites for awhile, we also met at BlogHer in the summer and initially at the Brown Bloggers event she put together last year. I'm definitely thinking that whatever we BWB folks are thinking about putting together, that it might be able to work in tandem with what she and Chris Rabb are working on. It's funny that it's taken us all this time to realize that one of her neighbors is my main man in the office who holds it down for me in the coding and systems admin arenas.

Kevin L. McQuarn (The Advocate)
We didn't get to speak much, but I was happy to see how a man from Baton Rouge gets down. Looking forward to reading some of your writing.

Eddie Codel (Geek Entertainment Television)
Thanks for interviewing me for your segments. I can't wait to see how it came out.

Halley Suitt ( + Halley's Comment)
She's blog fam now. She's been linking to my posts for a while and reading my hip-hop meanderings here and there. Finally met her at BlogHer Con. in the summer, and it was good seeing her again. We're going to hook up and have that conversation soon, I promise.

Peter Fasano (Armchair Media)
Peter I know that I can find some work we can do together. Let's get the conversation started.

Dawn Green (Thunder Data Systems)
I know you thought my duck and hide tactics were amusing, but you have to admit, Yvonne was one scary chick.

JW Richard (mandrake society radio podcast)
It looks like you're the only one who got to make it to that concert with Erykah Badu, Wendy and Lisa, and Doyle Bramhall II. Damn! I love what you're doing with digitaldrums.

Chris Dawson (webcastinabox)
You know I could use your services in some way. But that's not why you rock, your rock b/c you told me about the The Refugee Allstars film about refugees from Sierra Leone who formed a band while living in a refugee camp and ended up working with the United Nations to help repatriate other war victims back to Sierra Leone. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the re-screen of the film or hear the band as I left pretty early on Tuesday. But I'll be on the lookout for the band and the film. They've got to make it to New York some day.

Andrew Zipern (America Online)
Thanks for lunch @ the Taco Shack. It was great sharing ideas with you, and hopefully we'll talk soon.

Steve Semeisberger (Pluck)
You had to know I was going to like you once you dropped that DJ Mel played your wedding and that you're originally from New York State. Your team has created some really killer products and I'm looking forward to continuing our conversation.

DJ Mel ( + mindspray)
It's always a pleasure seeing you and hearing you spin. Your skills are awesome and I love that you love music the way you do. To have that breadth of musical knowledge and sense of beat and rhythm to be able to mix crunk with new wave is an amazing gift. I can't believe it's been like two years or more that we've been vibing, thanks to the power of blogs and our Nikon cameras. Can't wait to see you when you're next in the NYC.

EJ Flavors (
You gave me your card, so I have to add you to the list. You've been part of my blog fam for eons now, and every time I'm in the ATL or you're in NYC we get to link up. But what I want to say about you is that those Old Skool Wednesday mixes that you put down on your blog every week are heaven sent.


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